When Is An Evaluation Necessary?

When you are able to recognize warning signs that you or someone that you know may be dealing with a mental illness, it is possible to seek care and find a mental health professional to intervene as early on as possible. There are numerous signs that may warrant a psych evaluation sooner, though, including:

·    Social withdrawal

·    Decreased functioning

·    Difficulty thinking or concentrating

·    Increased sensitivity

·    Irrational thinking

·    Increased anxiety or paranoia

·    Changes in mood

·    Unusual behavior

·    Apathy

·    Feeling disconnected

Types of Evaluations

There are a vast number of different evaluations psychology professionals use to assess patients and ensure that they get the proper treatment for their issues. Types of evaluations include projective tests and neurological tests.

Projective Test

Projective psychological tests utilize abstract images, such as inkblots, to gather the interpretations of patients. The response given to expressed feelings or thoughts that may the individual may either be aware of consciously or not aware of. Examples of these types of tests include:

·    The Rorschach test

·    Thematic Apperception test

·    House-Tree-Person test

·    Sentence Completion test

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Neurological Test

A neuropsychiatric evaluation chicago is often performed on children as well as adults who has suffered from a brain injury or have neurological issues caused by other factors. These types of evaluations identify areas of impairment and test how well individuals function. Some evaluations are also used to screen patients for developmental delays and learning disabilities. Tests under this umbrella include:

·    Rivermead Behavioral Memory test

·    Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychology Assessment System

·    Boston Diagnostic Memory test

·    Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment

There are other assessments that can be performed depending on the specific of the situation and what the individual is concerned with in their life. Speak with a mental health expert to get an idea of what you can expect from psychiatric evaluations.